On the afternoon of June 13, Ugandan merchants and their entourage visited Jining BST machinery to conduct visits and inspections on various series of agricultural equipment procurement and long-term strategic cooperation. The party secretary of Jining BST machinery, the executive deputy general manager Feng Zhenying, and the general manager of the group’s cross-border e-commerce company, Zhang Wen, and other leaders warmly welcomed the visitors and expressed their warm welcome to the arrival of the merchants.


















The main agricultural equipment purchased by the merchants in this group mainly includes agricultural deep-farming machines and other series of products. Accompanied by Feng Zong and Zhang Zong, Ugandan merchants visited theJining BST machinery Intelligent Equipment Exhibition. The professional technicians introduced the main features, performance parameters, precautions and after-sales of various agricultural equipment produced and sold by Jining BST machinery. The service and other content have been well received by the merchants. The merchants said that through field visits, they witnessed the strong group strength of Jining BST machinery, and the products and services are very good. It is worthy of our trust and cooperation. Finally, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on various agricultural equipment procurement and long-term cooperation and other related issues, and successfully reached a cooperation.