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September 10, 2021

BST Group Autumn Sports Meeting was successfully held

Come review the wonderful moments with the editor




The magnificent beauty of youth embroidery, the vast world of Yinghua, on the sports field, athletes sweat, vigorously, fearlessly fail, bravely fight, tug-of-war, step on balloons, grab benches, multi-football, ball relay and other events, or cooperate with each other , Or take the lead courageously. Outside the venue, employees from various departments cheered and actively participated to create a fiery competition atmosphere.  A grand event, the footsteps of youth, the speed of youth, the vitality of youth, the passion of youth, to show wantonly; a trek, to meet and challenge oneself, is also to overcome oneself!

An ingenious sports event, which not only strengthens internal unity, but also demonstrates the spirit of youthful vitality. In the future, BST Group will always be youthful, with immortal ambitions as the strength, fight the market trend, and bring more to users with precision quality products. Attentive service.