In order to promote the high-quality development of Jinig’s e-commerce industry, serve young e-commerce entrepreneurs to build a cooperation pattern, promote e-commerce to enter the countryside, and help rural revitalization, on May 19, the 2021 Youth E-commerce Innovation Development Summit was held in Jining Wanda Realm Hotel , More than 200 business leaders, experts, scholars, young talents and media representatives gathered in the holy city to seek common development. As an outstanding e-commerce enterprise in Jining City, BST Group was invited to participate. Li Zhenbo, Executive Deputy General Manager and General Manager of informatization of the group, Su Yan, General Manager of Kuke Big Data Company, and Lu Haiyong, General Manager of Shenhua Information Technology Company attended the event on behalf of the group.

Liu Tiandong, Secretary of the Provincial Communist Youth League, Yu Yongsheng, Deputy Secretary of the Jining Municipal Committee and Mayor, attended the summit and delivered speeches. Huang Lei, Director of the Monitoring and Analysis Division of the Department of E-commerce and Information Technology of the Ministry of Commerce, Li Junyuan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Power Construction Municipal Construction Group, and Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Communist Youth League In the midsummer, Yu Shengtao, the secretary of the district party committee, delivered a welcome speech. Secretary of the Youth League and Municipal Committee Yu Lingdong, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce Zhang Gongqian, Deputy Director of the Department of E-commerce of the Provincial Department of Commerce Yan Tingbo, the Municipal Party Committee Talent Office, Rencheng District Committee and District Government and other organizers and responsible comrades of relevant municipal departments attended the summit.


The theme of this summit is “Gathering The New Momentum Of Youth E-Commerce And Boosting The New Development Of The Digital Economy”. At the opening ceremony, Liu Tiandong, secretary of the Provincial Communist Youth League Committee, and Yu Yongsheng, deputy secretary of the Jining Municipal Committee and Mayor, delivered speeches for the conference. In his speech, Secretary Liu pointed out that serving youth innovation and entrepreneurship is an important responsibility of the Communist Youth League. As the main body of the e-commerce industry, youth is the main driving force for the continuous development and growth of the e-commerce industry. The rapid development of the e-commerce industry also provides innovation for young people. Entrepreneurship and growth provide a broad stage. The Jining Municipal Committee of the Youth League took the initiative to innovate and establish the Youth E-commerce Alliance to build a win-win platform for young people in the e-commerce industry. Hope alliance members and the majority of young people in the e-commerce industry keep up with the development of the times, master new thinking and new ideas, always maintain the entrepreneurial passion, strive to be at the forefront of the industry, and serve as a new force in the development of the economy and society.

At the meeting, leading guests jointly unveiled the “Jining Youth E-commerce Alliance” and launched the Jining Youth E-commerce Project Competition. It is reported that the Jining Youth E-commerce Alliance was initiated by the Jining Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Jining Municipal Bureau of Commerce. More than 20 leading e-commerce companies in Jining have joined forces with more than 20 co-construction units including Shandong Young Entrepreneurs Association and Shandong Supply Chain Management Association. The industry development alliance established has attracted more than 100 high-quality e-commerce companies to become member units. The alliance focuses on e-commerce product selection, live broadcast marketing, hardware technical services, financial support assistance, human resources training and other sectors, with “summits, school openings, screening projects, education talents, small towns, and excellent services” as the starting point , To promote in-depth cooperation between member units and top e-commerce brands such as Alibaba and Baidu, and to bring together e-commerce companies, investment and financing institutions, express companies, talent training schools, and “good rural youth” and other youth e-commerce forces with youth as the main body, and promote Local e-commerce companies complement each other’s advantages, share resources, develop groups, and cooperate for a win-win situation to create an innovation platform that promotes the development of the e-commerce industry, accelerates the cultivation of young talents, and helps rural revitalization.