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Middle lift air suspension ZJLS-11 for semi trailer

1. Underslung air suspension Material:Q235

2. Capacity: 9T OR 11T OR 12T

3. Type : American type or German type

4. Tube size : 127 round or 150 square

Product Description

Middle lift air suspension Installation Instructions

1. Install the bracket lifting ears above the backing plate, the backing plate is close to the girder upright plate, and the front and back are equally divided; when the vehicle is at the same level, suspend U-bolts to ensure that the left and right distances of the lifting ears from the upright plate are equal.
2. After the U-bolt is installed, a margin of about 10mm is left under the axle to prevent the axle from bouncing and causing damage to the airbag; the U-bolt must be equipped with additional nuts to prevent loosening
3. After installation and positioning, be sure to weld the pad on the side where the vertical plate is in contact as shown in the figure and weld the lifting lugs to the pad.

It is worth mentioning that the Middle lift air suspension lifting of the central lifting suspension is to lift the leaf spring, and excessive stretching will cause irreversible damage to the leaf spring.
The second disadvantage is that because the arc height of the mechanical leaf spring itself is not large, the height of the lift is generally less than ten centimeters, and the effect is definitely not as good as that of European air suspension. The pros and cons need to be measured by yourself.

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