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13mm leaf spring trailer suspension

material: 60Si2Mn

use:American  suspension

Packaging Details:40pcs/plt



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Product Description

13mm leaf spring Axles are the most commonly used suspension systems in the trailer industry and come standard on almost every type of trailer. They are made up of a series of curved stacked 13mm leaf spring(leaves) that are attached under or over the trailer’s axle.

Leaf Spring Pro’s: 

  • Even weight distribution due to the built-in weight equalizer
  • Even tire wear for multi axle trailers
  • More affordable (up front)
  • Durable
  • Cheap and easy to repair

Leaf Spring Con’s: 

  • Repairs are needed more frequently
  • Bouncy ride on uneven or rough roads
  • Metal on metal design typically leads to faster wear

Semi trailer tri axle suspension American type trailer parts  :

H(mm)Hanger thicknessLeaf SpringEqualizer ThicknessCpacity(T)
90 width leaf spring

13mm leaf spring trailer suspension




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